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UKZN College Model adoption and effect on Support Services Efficiency and Capacity

Dear Colleagues

My name is Slindo Shamase and I am supervised by Dr Rosemary Sibanda at the Graduate School of Business and Leadership at UKZN. I am doing an evaluation of the College Model adoption at UKZN and its effect, especially focusing after the last re-organisation after the External Review in 2010.  This is done as part of my thesis for a Master of Business Administration and my topic is: 

Efficiencies and Capacity of Support Services Post College Model Adoption at UKZN 

Please help respond to the questionnaire in the link below, please copy and paste to google chrome or click on link, a consent form is also attached that needs to be sent to me for your agreement to take part: 

I would also like to interview anyone willing to go in depth during lunch times. Please email me so that we can set up the time. I have attached the interview schedule we will go through when meeting. 

This study has been ethically reviewed and approved by the UKZN Humanities and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee (Approval number HSS/1340/017M).

In the event of any problems or concerns you may contact the researcher at: 

Cell: 082 742 2972, Extension:1178/5150 Email: or 


The UKZN Humanities and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee/administration, Contact details as follows: Research office, Westville Campus, Govan Mbeki Building, Private Bag X 54001, Durban, 4000, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, Tel: 031 260 4557, fax: 301 260 4609, email:


gatekeepers approval - Appendix D.pdf Shamase ethics approval.pdf Informed Consent- Slindo.docx INTERVIEW SCHEDULE - slindo.docx
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Posted Thursday, September 07, 2017
By Slindo Shamase
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