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Tracing the (Post)Apartheid Novel beyond 2000: Interviews with Selected Contemporary South African Authors
Danyel Dimakatso Demir and Olivier Moreillon
This volume contains interviews with fourteen contemporary South African authors: Mariam Akabor, Sifiso Mzobe, Fred Khumalo, Futhi Ntshingila, Niq Mhlongo, Zukiswa Wanner, Nthikeng Mohlele, Mohale Mashigo, Lauren Beukes, Charlie Human, Yewande Omotoso, Andrew Salomon, Imraan Coovadia and Fred Strydom. The conversations with the writers are accompanied by vignettes of the authors’ lives and summaries of their works.

Subtle Gravity (A novel)
Leonhard Praeg
What is addiction? Who is an addict, and why? Are we only addicted to substances, or also to patterns of thought: self-loathing, doubt, obsessive thinking, and perhaps even silence? Subtle Gravity, like Praeg’s first novel, Imitation, departs from the assumption that we are all addicts. We all struggle with being alone. Taking as a point of departure an extreme form of addiction – a commitment to the silence we know precedes the violence that language imposes on us – Subtle Gravity maps a possible way back from addiction through a playful engagement with Buddhism, Christian mysticism and, of course, Star Wars.

Hashtag Poetry
Ismail Mahomed, Siphindile Hlongwa, and Tracey Saunders (eds)
The hashtag has become the loud hailer of the 21st century. Its ability to gather voices and often bodies into a space of unified action for a cause or against injustice is unprecedented. Local causes become global movements; individual deaths galvanise multiple voices and the clarion call travels at the speed of the fastest data connection. This collection of poetry speaks to the power of hashtags, the individual names and the communal suffering that births them.

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