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CCS Seminar: All Black Lives Matter - The Black Trans Lives Movement in America


August - December 2021 

Centre for Civil Society - Special Webinar Series 

Protest & Protest Movements 

Our Seminar Series continues online for 2021 - please join us for webinar discussions on the theme of protest and protest movements. 


2020 marked a significant year of protest across the world despite the raging Corona virus and various lockdown restrictions. This series explores these protest expressions and the movements behind them focused on: racial justice, gender justice, LGTBQ rights, pro-democracy rights, state corruption opposition, anti-repression protest, pandemic rights, environmental justice and the right to equal services and livelihoods. We will be engaging with activists, researchers, and academics to consider the civil society terrain in a post-Covid world. 



Facilitators: Andries Motau & Danford Chibvongodze 




The UKZN Centre for Civil Society is inviting you to a Zoom Session of the CCS Webinar Series 

Please note changing times to accommodate speakers from international time zones 





Webinar: All Black Lives Matter -The Black Trans Lives Movement in America

Speaker: Tori Cooper

Date & Time: Thursday, 14 October 2021, 16:00-17:00 SA Time 

Zoom Link:



Topic: As America, and the world entered into a period of racial reckoning, some people for the very first time took notice that indeed Black Lives Matter. Black and Brown transgender women are still being killed, with little to no awareness outside of the community. Milan Nicole Sherry and an outstanding group of trans activists, began the Black Trans Lives Matter movement to bring greater attention and intersectionality to the BLM movement.  Black trans women and men are often victims of fatal violence and targeted for simply being who we are.  These ladies mobilized at the local level, at community events in New Orleans, at the National Trans Visibility March and every other place where they could share the message in an effort to engage more trans people and allies. The Black Trans Lives Matter movement share this message everywhere it goes by being visible and active in fighting against bigotry, hatred, transphobia and the loud minority of people who seek to erase the very existence of Black Trans lives.



Speaker Bio:  Tori Cooper is a health and equity advocate, community organizer, educator, published author and leader in the transgender and HIV communities. She leads with more than 30 years of experience at all levels of HIV service, from volunteer roles to her service as executive director and founder of Advocates for Better Care Atlanta, LLC. She now serves as the Human Rights Campaign’s Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative. In this role, her focus includes economic empowerment; capacity building programs; public safety; and expanded public education campaigns. Before joining HRC, Cooper was a consultant and Prevention Specialist at Positive Impact Health Centers in metro Atlanta. In 2015, Cooper created Advocates for Better Care Atlanta, LLC which is an organization dedicated to the education and empowerment of marginalized people across the country. Since its inception, she has self-financed this agency which prioritizes transgender women and men as well as people living with HIV.  Tori Cooper has received numerous awards for her work and is a published author, most recently appearing in print and video. Her work is featured in a new documentary titled, “Silent Epidemic” where she talks about the trans community and HIV in the South.


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