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Scripts viewing for BIOL 195, BIOL 196 (Augmented)

Dear Student,

You are notified of the script viewing for BIOL195W2 and BIOL196W2 details as follows:


Date, Monday, 19 November 2018
Time, 09h00 - 12h00
Venue, BIOLOGY BUILDING-Level 3 Seminar Room 3&4 - (Faiza, Thumba, Mildred, Hebert).


1. The purpose of viewing of scripts is simply to ensure that all questions have been marked, and the marks correctly tabulated. It is not an opportunity to re-negotiate marks nor to discuss the contents with the academic staff.

2. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to remove the examination scripts from the venue.

3. Students will only be permitted to view their scripts under the supervision of an authorized member of the School staff.

4. Students will not, under any circumstances be permitted to write on, annotate, or in any way change the contents of the script/s.

5. Students will only be permitted to view their scripts during the official viewing periods as detailed above.

6. No cellular phones and no pictures of examination scripts allowed during script viewing.

7. Student will be allowed to view the examination script with proof of registration i.e. student card


Xolani Luthuli

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Posted Monday, November 19, 2018
By Xolani Emmanuel Luthuli
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Will I still be able to read my Notices from within my email?

In a manner of speaking yes. However you will not get the entire notice delivered to you in your email, instead you will get a daily digest which will list the subject of the notices, a short summary of each notice and hyperlinks that will take you to that notice on the web.

2. Who has access to notices?

Anybody can access the notice system, however you will not be able to place notices from off-campus.