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Capitec Employment Opportunity


 Dear Students

Capitec is looking for graduates, see the advert below and send your application to:Kelly Williams (Human Resources)


The Ideal graduate profile would be as follow,


Successfully Completed Qualification in the following courses would be preferred (Not limited to):

v  Retail Business Management

v  Management

v  Operations Management

v  Business Administration

v  Internal Auditing

v  Accounting

v  Cost Management & Accounting

v  Management

v  Marketing

Minimum requirements

Ø  Clear Criminal Record

Ø  Clear Credit Record

Position requirements

  • The candidates will need to be willing to work on a fulltime basis
  • The candidates will need to be comfortable with working in a Financial & Client facing environment
  • The positions will include weekend work



Once we have received the applicant’s information, we will commence a recruitment process, which includes the following,


1.       Each candidate will be telephonically contacted to clarify & confirm interest in the available positions to determine a shortlist

2.       Once a shortlist have been compiled, we will invite the identified candidate to a psychometric assessment session

a.       The assessments will measure their Verbal comprehension (English) ability, Numerical ability & Basic Checking ability

b.       The assessment results will be evaluated in accordance to the SHL psychometric regulations to determine whether the candidates meet the minimum requirements

c.       All applicants will receive feedback on their assessment results and the successful candidates will be invited for interviews

3.       Once interviews have been conducted, further feedback will be provided to the successful & unsuccessful individuals

4.       Background checks will be processed on all candidates who was successful with their interviews.

5.       An offer off employment will be made should all background checks be favorable



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Posted Friday, September 08, 2017
By Yanga Lufundo
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