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Postdoctoral Research Scholarships Available in the College of Humanities for 2017
Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Research Scholarships in the College of Humanities for 2017. The successful applicants will be expected to engage in full-time postdoctoral studies on an approved research programme under the supervision of a member of the academic staff in one of the six Schools of the College of Humanities. The scholarship consists of a stipend of R180 000 for a full academic year.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A doctoral degree obtained in the last five years
  • Age less than 45 years at the closing date for applications
  • Must agree to be based at UKZN for the duration of the scholarship
  • Any exceptions must be motivated to the College Dean of Research, Professor Pholoho Morojele (

   The successful incumbent will be expected to complete an employment form under Human Resources regulations for staff members. This will enable the incumbent to access facilities such as parking, personalised email address and receive their monthly payment timeously.


Please submit the following as part of your application:

       A full curriculum vitae, including a list of publications and all certificates

       A proposal for a postdoctoral research project. This proposal will be evaluated on the basis of peer review for its excellence, and should contain a clear plan for research dissemination and output. Postdoctoral scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, taking into account the applicant’s academic achievements, as well as the quality of the proposed programme and its potential for enhancing general research activity in the host School, and the university at large.


Required Outputs:

      The applicant will engage in postdoctoral research study under the supervision of a member of staff who will be allocated by the School depending on the expertise required. Renewal for the second year will depend on a satisfactory report from the scholar and supervisor and outputs in the form of journal articles in DoHET accredited journals.

Enquiries: Mrs Thobile Sedumedi:

Closing Date: 31 May 2017

Applications must be sent to:

Mrs Thobile Sedumedi

Room G025

Memorial Tower Building, Howard College campus

Or via email to:- 

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Posted Monday, May 08, 2017
By Thobile Sedumedi
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