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Survey: Exploring successful educational strategies for interprofessional practice of osteoarthritis in SA

TITLE OF THE RESEARCH PROJECT: Exploration of collaborative healthcare to discover
successful educational strategies for interprofessional practice of osteoarthritis in South Africa.


STUDY SUPERVISOR AND CO-SUPERVISOR: Dr Aayesha Kholvadia and Prof William Burdick
CONTACT DETAILS: (Robynne Gilchrist); 041 504 4870 (Dr Aayesha Kholvadia)

Dear Health Science staff and final year Health Science students,

I would like to invite you to participate in my research study.

Purpose of the research
This study aims to explore and describe the current interprofessional educational strategies
for patient management within Faculties of Health Sciences at higher education institutions.
There is a need for studies to show the linkage between interprofessional education,
collaborative practice, the patient, and healthcare system outcomes. Collaboration has the
potential of bridging the gap between academia and practice and is an indispensable
prerequisite for assuring a future workforce capable of addressing individual and healthcare
needs. This study aims to add to the body of knowledge by addressing the gaps in
collaboration within educational and organisational healthcare system structures.

Your responsibility: The online survey
If you choose to participate you will complete an anonymous online survey with a series of
questions regarding interprofessional collaboration for patient management within Faculties of
Health Sciences. The survey, using the Nelson Mandela University recommended software
QuestionPro®, can be accessed at for Health
Sciences faculty member participants and
for final year Health Sciences student participants. The completion of the survey should
take no more than 5 minutes. Questions are designed to require the selection of answers from
a list of options with some questions adopting a Likert-type scale.

Ethical considerations
Ethical approval was granted by the Nelson Mandela University Research Ethics Committee:
Human (H23-HEA-HMS-002)

There will be no expense to yourself.

There are no risks involved in participating in this study.

Results of the research study
The results of the study will be disseminated in the form of a Doctoral thesis at Nelson Mandela
University and the publication of an article in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

Conflict of interest
There is no conflict of interest held by anyone involved in this study.

Who to contact
Please feel free to contact myself or my study supervisor should you have any queries or

If you are willing to participate in this study please click on the Declaration of Consent
button after you have opened the link to the survey.

Yours sincerely,
Robynne Gilchrist
(Principal Investigator)

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Posted 18 June 2024
By Bharat Ramkissoon
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