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 Do you need help with essay writing? The Writing Place for the College of Law and Management Studies assists students on Pietermaritzburg Campus with academic writing skills through an emphasis on essay/assignment structure and understanding of academic writing conventions. The trained postgraduate Tutor will work through a draft of your essay with you to ensure that you answer the essay question in a coherent and cohesive manner. The Tutor will also provide suggestions on how essay structure and grammar can be improved as well as equipping students with the correct referencing techniques in order to avoid the consequences of plagiarism.

 Where:  Tutor is located at Room 14, First Floor Commerce Building, Golf Road

 When:  Hours of operation during Semester Two, 2017: 

Monday 13:00-17:00; Wednesday 08:00-12:00; Friday 09:00-11:00

 How:  Undergraduate students (1st-3rd year) should take a typed, complete draft of their essay, the essay question, course guide and lecture notes (at least 3 days before due date) to the Writing Place tutor who will assist them. Alternatively, please send an email to the address below to arrange an appointment.


The Writing Place – “Well researched, well written, well done!”

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Posted Friday, August 11, 2017
By Serrenta Naidoo
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Will I still be able to read my Notices from within my email?

In a manner of speaking yes. However you will not get the entire notice delivered to you in your email, instead you will get a daily digest which will list the subject of the notices, a short summary of each notice and hyperlinks that will take you to that notice on the web.

2. Who has access to notices?

Anybody can access the notice system, however you will not be able to place notices from off-campus.