14th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience 2012 - 29 AUG - OPENING NIGHT

Wednesday 29th August

Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre  7:30PM

Welcome: Lliane Loots (JOMBA! artistic director)

 "A Spring (two) matter"  Choreography: Jens van Daele

JENS VAN DAELE (Holland) with FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY (South Africa) and Ensemble BATIDA (France and Switzerland)




Dancers: Lerato Lipera, Julia Wilson, Sifiso Majola, Sifiso ‘Kitsona’ Khumalo and Tshediso Kabulu (of FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY) with guest dancer Patricia van Deutekom (Holland)

Music: Igor Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre du Printemps” (1913)

Performed and arranged by: Ensemble BATIDA (Alexandra Bellon [Fr], Anne Briset [Fr], Raphaël Krajka [Sw] and Viva Sanchez Reinoso Morand [Sw]) Lighting

Design: Wesley Maherry

Production Manager: Clare Craighead

A Spring (two) matter is based on two different ideas. On one side, it is the music and story of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring that has become part of our collective memory as dancers and musicians over the past hundred years. I want to deal with trying to trick that collective memory and reshaping it for a moment in time. We can follow the music where it inspires and resists – where it is expected in our memory to go to; a spring as a matter to deal with.

On the other side A Spring (two) matter tells of the struggle between the positive and the negative human being in thinking and acting; two opposites that battle each other, trying to blend and exist peacefully next to each other, or convincing one another to aim for a better co-existence. Two powerful opposites in a movement and mind struggle, heading for a fall or reaching towards A Spring (2) matter.

Jens van Daele graduated at the Royal Institute for Ballet in Holland in 1990. He danced in several companies in Belgium, The Netherlands and Canada. Although starting as a classic ballet dancer, soon into his career he felt pulled to contemporary dance. In 2004 Jens received the prestigious “Swan” award for best dancer in The Netherlands. In 2008 he ended his career as a dancer to focus on his choreographic work. His dance work couples an extreme theatrical language with a technically advanced, often acrobatic dance idiom. His Flemish cultural roots are unmistakable as he aims to get the audience to sit on the edge of their seats and think, instead of sitting back passively. Jens is joined by partner Patricia van Deutekom who is no stranger to FLATFOOT, having been a guest performer and teacher with the company in 2009 and 2011.

Ensemble BATIDA is a young and dynamic piano and percussion quartet who came together from a desire to fuse sound, music, dance and theatre to create modern and contemporary theatrical works. Each member is entirely devoted to his or her musical craft and has studied in-depth, earning countless degrees in their field. They have earned a Laureat during the Orpheus Chamber Music Competition. Batida has also played and won 1st place at the Adelboden Swiss Chamber Music Festival in September of 2011. They join Jens and FLATFOOT for JOMBA! in a collaboration that re-imagines the music and dance histories of Stravinsky’s famous score.

FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY, celebrating its 9th professional year, is KZN’s premier African contemporary dance company whose working manifesto sees them spearheading numerous international collaborations in both performance and dance educational and training environments. Winners of countless awards and international invitations, FLATFOOT continues to fearlessly navigate a style of dance theatre that is socially aware. They acknowledge the kind assistance (and partnership) of the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra toward realising this work.

Presented as part of the France-South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013




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